The Non-Conformist Arts Convention 2014


Non-Conformist Arts Convention Inaugural Year 2014

Allen Callaci and Jedimaster Jeff reenact scenes from Star Wars by William Shakespeare.
Joel Huschle and Amy Maloof staffing the tables at the Non-Conformist Arts Convention while Robert W. Zailo talks to an interested attendee.
David Allen in red, white, and blue Pomona gear - ready for "Captain America's Top 40".
dA President Christopher Hart Toovey and Executive Director Margaret Aichele share a moment at the Non-Conformist Arts Convention.
Ed Beardsley discusses the history of graphic books, from Blake to Beardsley and Beyond!
Ed Beardsley and Mark Givens after Ed's wonderful talk.
Artwork from Robert W. Zailo, books from David Allen and Terry Givens at the Non-Conformist Arts Convention.
The Pelekinesis table at the Non-Conformist Arts Convention.
Terry Givens shares some old comics.
Annette Hatch leads a panel of student artists from the School of Arts and Enterprise.
Tim Hatch leads a panel of writers influenced by comics.
Matthew Hill delivers a wonderful talk about storytelling and narrative choices in animation.
Joel Huschle leads the Mask-Arade at the finale of the convention.

The Non-Conformist Arts Convention is an educational entertainment organization dedicated to creating awareness of, appreciation for, and fun-wading in, comics, comix, comicks and related popular artforms influenced by comics, comix, and comicks, primarily through the presentation of conventions, information, and events that celebrate and entertain the historic and ongoing contribution of comics, comix, and comicks to art and culture and humor and life.


Non-Con, the Non-Con logo, and the depictions contained herein are graphic elements used by the Non-Conformist Arts Convention.